REAL 1960’s Naval Officer’s Jacket


Genuine 1960s Naval officer’s jacket, ranked as ‘Lieutenant Commander’.

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REAL 1960s Naval officer's jacket, ranked as 'Lieutenant Commander' from the gold lace sleeve stripe (Image 2). Due to damage caused by years of poor storage, this item must only be used as a show piece, and is unfortunately beyond repair due to sever clothes moth and mold damage throughout the years. This item was dry-cleaned in preparation for selling, which unfortunately increased the damage to the item, though it did ensure that it is now clean and ready to be bought.

❗ See condition report for damage

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Condition Report

  • Grade: Poor
  • item shows a significant amount of wear and tear
  • Should you purchase one of these items, you may choose to make it a project.
  • Some items can be restored, either through do-it-yourself techniques or professional cleaning and alterations.
  • Make sure to check tags and/or research the item before trying to clean/fix it on your own.
  • If any further damage occurs during the restoration process, or if the buyer discovers they cannot restore this item, PVC will not be to blame and will unfortunately not be able to accept refunds for this item due to its fragility and our description of its condition.
  • Damage Noted

  • See images 5 and 6
  • Severely moth bitten item
  • Rips on inner lining, down back of coat and sides
  • Weak fibers caused by mold and ageing
  • Highly recommended to not wear this item, until you are fully confident that it is restored.
  • Large rip in right sleeve and gold ranking on sleeves shows damage and weakening of threads
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